Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

It's been a whirlwind couple of days...typical for the Christmas season I suppose. 

Yet, there have been moments. 
Moments when time stood still, and a mental snapshot was taken, as to never forget. 

What blessings we are surrounded with every day!

So this post is a mis-mash of the every-day moments we have been enjoying.

We wish you a very merry Christmas this year. 
May your time be filled with the love and fulfillment of family and friends.

* * * *

On Friday I introduced my kids to my own favorite childhood snowy-day activity...sliding down the stairs in sleeping bags! 
They loved it of course.
Below are my failed attempts at recoding the action on a cloudy day inside the house, 
but you get the idea.  ;)

* * * *

 The delightful little birds bring us much happiness every day. 
Having them for dinner so close to our kitchen window is quite the event.
Not to mention, valuable lessons on bird species and anatomy and plenty of ideas for art and imaginative play.

And this is how the kitchen sink looks many mornings, while they debate bird species and simply enjoy their presence.

* * * *

AND...can you believe it? Tobogganing!!
Yes, I believe that would fall into an "ultimate country activity" don't you?
Shawn found this old treasure in the rafters of the feed room on the barn.
Wow, does it fly!

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