Wednesday, December 19, 2012


What more is there to say today than...

We are so excited for the impending SNOW!!!

Our weather forecaster has us pinned under 16 inches of snow by the end 
of this storm tomorrow afternoon.

We are stoked.

Snowy pictures are sure to come!

Actually, we do have something to share today.
4 little birds greeted me at my kitchen window this morning...
2 sparrows and 2 finches.
With a little extra cash in my wallet we decided to run to the store and pick up some more feeders and birdseed.
The kids helped me pick out the feeders, fill them, and hang them up.

Welcome little birdies...come and fill your bellies before the storm.

Celene and I saved our bacon grease all year and made suet cakes last week. :)

Safflower for the cardinals. It makes the kids' day if they spot one of those lovely creatures.

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