Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snapshots of Christmas 2012

My apologies for some of the bad quality pictures...
Christmas family events are always in the evening (in the north, it is dark outside) 
which creates a challenging environment for my current photographic equipment.

Nevertheless, what little pictures I have (I forgot my camera to most events this season),
I do need to record and share!  :)

How was your Christmas?  
Please feel free to leave your link to your blog or Facebook in the comments...
I'd love to see your pictures!

Grams opening her first laptop, a gift from the family so she can Skype her grandsons in the military.

Nervous and excited. :)

Tobogganing with their cousin Sulli

Group effort to bring it goes such a long way lol!

Creating art with visiting cousins

A good ride-on toy for inside the house...Little Tykes makes this one padded so your toddler can't ding up your door trim and walls.  :)

Playing with cousins in the light of the Christmas tree

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