Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Quebec Trip :: Saute Ste Marie and driving through Ontario

Saute Ste. Marie is a small-ish town where we crossed the border into Canada.
After hearing many horror stories, we were considerably worried about getting across.
After a 1/2 hour of questioning, we were allowed through without any trouble. 
The kids slept though it!
Phew...thankful for that!
It is also a major Great Lakes shipping town where many large ships can be seen.

 The drive through Ontario was amazing! 
It is a rocky, mountainous terrain with numerous deep, cold lakes, waterfalls, and little mountain streams.
It is dotted with little dumpy towns and gravel roads. We thought it was beautiful.
We did get to see one black bear also, but didn't get a picture.

A large ship docked for maintenance in Saute Ste Marie

Shipping channel

The highways in Ontario are framed with lovely rock formations

Ontario's landscape is so beautiful

Yes I took a picture of roadkill...but who gets to see a moose everyday? Dead OR alive? I sure wouldn't want to hit that though.

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