Monday, June 9, 2014

Quebec Trip :: Travels

The weekends give us opportunity to travel around and see the history and attractions of Quebec.

This is a French country, with the people speaking primarily (and most of the time, ONLY) French.
In the bigger cities, some of the people are bilingual, but in the countryside and smaller towns,
they speak and understand French only. 

The religion is strictly Roman Catholic.
They countryside is dotted with convents and monasteries and there are massive, old, and beautiful churches in every town.

It was very difficult to find an English-speaking church. 
We finally did, about a 40 min drive away. 
It is a missionary church, posted here to mostly evangelize the African immigrants. 
They don't speak English well either, but they do know more of it than French! 
And the pastors are from the U.S., so it was refreshing to meet them.
The kids were thrilled by the African's delightful, traditional church outfits and fancy hair! :)

Our first view of the St. Lawrence Seaway

big ship

16th century church

countryside convent

nap time

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