Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quebec Trip :: Camping

And now we finally start our camping photos!
We camped for two weeks in the middle of July, right in the middle of our stay here in Quebec.
It was a nice way to change the pace. 
A few of the days were hot, which was difficult for this preggo mama. But the kids weathered it just fine. :)

Note: from here until I get home, the pictures will not be as pretty!
My Photoshop trial ran out, and I will not be paying to download it on my laptop,
given that I have a perfectly working (and free) version on my home desktop.
So, all I can do now is resize and drop them in the blog pages. Sorry!

the kids washed the dishes at the water tap

this is what the cabin tent looked like. it was really nice!

muscle man

a super hot day...eli sleeping naked in front of the fan and still sweating

summer heat

view inside the was well-furnished

eli loves apples...unfortunately his teeny tiny nose gets in the way ;)

eli helping with dishes


kids and their friend Raphael

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  1. The middle of your trip to Quebec was July? When are you coming back home? We never got to fit in another visit before you left, last we talked this trip was only a possibility. And.... CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!!!!!!!! Such exciting news.


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