Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quebec Trip :: More Camping Photos and Stories

We've met so many wonderful people here. Such blessings!
Time spent relaxing at campground gives plenty opportunity to make friends and meet new people.

I have to mention a few stories.

The first week we met a sweet mama, Suzy, and her boy Raphael.
Miles and Rafael enjoyed playing basketball and racing their bikes and kicking balls together.
Suzy was wonderful...she took the older ones swimming and played with them while I let Eli nap,
or was busy cooking or cleaning up dinner. 
She even watched over the tent while they slept early one morning, while I dropped Shawn off at work. 
She also gave them snacks and shared marshmallows and played movies on a tiny screen.
Miles and Raphael hope to exchange letters once we get home. 
They are from Montreal, which, being a larger city, has more bilingual people. 
Suzy spoke English well, and Raphael understood most of it.

The second week was graced by a fun single mama named Anny and her little guy, Jacob.
She lost her husband to a brain aneurism when Jacob was a baby.
She was nothing but wonderful also...she had a trunkload of toys which kept my kids busy for days.
She routinely beckoned them over to play games, read stories, and also took them swimming.
She said it was a blessing I shared my kids with her, that Jacob was lonely, and loved friends.
She said it gave HER a break when my kids came over!
I tend to disagree, that the blessing all mine, but I was glad for her nonetheless.

this is where eli took his bath each night

enjoying the campfire

roasting something

riding bikes

one of the campground playgrounds

Hannah learned to pump!

3 buried kids sleeping one chilly morning

Anny and Jacob playing games with the kids

Anny's trunk full of toys

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  1. Oh rats, my other comment didn't post. Anyway, this sounds like just the most amazing trip of a life time. It's so neat to meet the people the Lord puts into our lives at just the right moments. Both of you ladies were blessed by the other, perfect. :)


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