Friday, July 18, 2014

Quebec Trip :: More Mondial

Just a few more pictures to share of the Mondial today.

a dress made of plastic spoons

the cool thing about the Mondial is that during the day, the musicians and dancers perform right in the park grounds, so the kids can get nice and close and really enjoy it. celene really wants those skirts. :)

don't you love it when a baby is just enthralled? such wonder in those eyes.   :)

these dancers were from Finland. they were fun, and quite entertaining. they would routinely grab people from the audience and do simple dances with them. as you can see, the kids get to sit up front and close.

the kids section right next to the stage :)

snoozerville at the park

the kids favorite treat was the homemade chips. they are served really hot so here a cute pic of them all trying to eat to piping hot chips. ;)

Miles and Lili-Rose racing up the inflatable castle

waiting on line

my little circus performer ;)

a mainstage show

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