Friday, April 24, 2015

Another post of rambles....

All of my kids in the same spot at the same time...doesn't happen too often...

shopping with Daddy at Home Depot
found a monkey outside my kitchen window

found these two hoots the other day

Eli sleeps in the funniest places

sleeping next to big sissy while playing video games

fell asleep on Mommy

and this can't make that up!

not a joke

creating things she got for her birthday

my little electrician...that's a very complicated circuit she built and got working!

feeding calves on Caleb's farm

sillies with Gramma

Lumpy's first tractor ride

Eli reading his favorite book

massive burgers served at Frankie's

And wait for it....YES!!!...Celene finally got her sheep!!!
Meet Penguin and Panda...her new babies.

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  1. Mia and Molly think your lambs are so cute. :) :)


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