Friday, April 24, 2015

Phew! It's been a Awhile...

...but we're back!
How are you doing?

The next pictures are just a few compilations of the less recent kid activities...

building her first model

Hannah made a pirate ship

and Celene made a jet

Miles put on a show for the kids a few weeks ago...

they sat and watched and had snacks :)

while he wowed them with his archery skills :)

the first warm days of spring are so exhilarating!

Celene's first spring catch of wooly bears :)

It's always a special day if you can catch "Harry"...the fastest hen in the flock!

And....teepee building with Daddy!!!!

it's very exciting

Celene learning to use a building stapeler

proud home owners :)

Celene making bread

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