Monday, April 27, 2015


Miles got a volcano-building kit last year for his birthday.
Since it's initial use, it's been sitting in the closet.
A few weeks ago, Miles pulled it out to wow his siblings,
and that started a whole new learning path for each of them.
Lots of fun! kitchen got an impromptu scrubbing, which it was in desperate need of.
"They" were right, you know...baking soda and vinegar are power-scrubbers!

Miles putting baking soda in the volcano's mouth

Eli's turn to blow things up

Hannah's first time with big brother's help :)

making things explode never fails to put a smile on their faces!


Celene has to do things her way of course!

making her own volcano with modeling clay

add the baking soda

add food coloring...when you are someone named Celene, you have to do everything in color

add vinegar

get very excited when it blows!

"Mom, take a picture! You will never see a purple volcano again!"

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